“I was skeptical about an IREA franchise; even though the visitor numbers to IREA sites are undeniable, I didn’t know if I could compete with all of the other real estate sites out there and achieve actual sales. To say that I was surprised with the results would be an understatement. The fact that my clients get to advertise on 600 sites for the price of one makes easy for customers to see the benefits – basically, it sells itself. I am only halfway through my first year in business, but I am already seeing a great return on initial investment.” – Patricia Logan, IREA Franchise holder

“I am technologically-challenged and thought myself too old to learn, so I almost didn’t call about the IREA franchises when I saw the website. But when I saw that I don’t have to take care of any of the technical stuff to do with the portal, I thought why not? I started three months ago, and the team at IREA have made it so easy. I just focus on selling and maintaining client relations, which is my forte, and they do all the rest. Thanks IREA!” – Bruce Dickson, IREA Franchise holder

“To be honest, what I was looking for was a home-based money-maker that I didn’t have to spend a lot of time on. But by the time I found out that an IREA franchise actually involves a bit of work I was so into my website and making a decent income, that I have quit my day-job and now do this fulltime! I like the flexibility of working my own hours, I enjoy the contact with customers, and I am loving the fact that I have paid off my initial investment and am halfway to paying off my student loan!” – Jo Kowalski, IREA Franchise Holder