IREA-AII Franchises

What is an IREA-AII Franchise?

Each of the 600 IREA-AII portals is live, has an established reputation and is fully equipped with the software required to sell the IREA-AII service. As franchise holder you receive one of these integrated portals to manage as your own – this means no down-time between investment and starting to earn money from your business.

The IREA-AII Franchise Model

There are three distinct franchise models with the IREA-AII: single franchises, master franchises and country exclusives.

As a single franchise holder, you receive one real estate advertising portal. Your website is live from the moment you take over, ready for you to start attracting clients. Our network is your strongest selling point: your clients will appreciate listing on 600 portals for the price of listing on one.

If you choose to become a master franchise holder, you will manage between three and 50 portals. Initial investment is necessarily higher, but correspondingly so isyour commission and your potential returns increase with each portal you operate. You may sub-franchise any or all of your portals to other independent operators, taking on more of a management role in your business.

A country exclusive franchise covers all IREA-AII portals in one country. If there are no websites, or very few, currently active in the country of your choice, the IREA-AII will invest in creating and promoting at least 12 new portals.

You will receive full training, and ongoing advice and support to help you achieve your goals whichever option you choose.

Please see Franchising Fees for detailed information regarding the fees for each of the above options.